Welcome to SecondChanceforLifers  website!

THE Goal of this site is:

To bring awareness to Ohio’s other “ Death Penalty”’

and the negative effects it is having on the state’s revenue and families, while all 50 states of U.S. hand down life sentences for serious crimes, Ohio is one of the few that also prohibits good behavior sentence reduction for “Lifers”.

This anti-second chance policy opens up two large areas for our state to be over-harvested.

The first clearly seen area is the burden it places on Ohio’s budget.

With so many underdeveloped teens, committing serious crimes every day, our state’s prison population will continue to bulge and stand ridiculously close to the giant states of California and Texas.

The second area is not so visible, but many of the pain driven kids from broken homes that receive a Life Sentence in Ohio, have been refined by the hardship and reflection time of incarceration.

Greatly humbled these once destructive boys have matured into responsible and often compassionate men, men who if dispersed back to their communities would help turn the tide there with troubled youth.

We can do better than opening tax-dollars on keeping 1st- time offenders, who have established long term good behavior, permanently suspended from society.

Therefore, whether you are a concerned taxpayer who likes to follow their buck or a humanitarian with a voice to lend, this is a ground floor where we can all gather under one mutually beneficial cause.

Regardless of what state you live in this issue could use your voice, for it is not just revenue but human potential that is being wasted.


Welcome this site has just launched and could ue some ground floor partners.

As we communicate clearer and farther the need to provide good behavior sentence reductions for 1st-time offenders serving life, we'll need help gathering the startling statistics that are out in support of this change.

Our current Governor, Mr. Kasich has shared his belief in 2nd chances.

In his 2011 state of the state address he not only directly stated his belief in 2nd chancs, but went on to say he desires a system where even violent offenders serving lengthy sentences can get out sooner by displaying long term non-violent behavior while incarcerated. We cannot quote him yet, but we are going to post portions of his speech soon. With Ohio having so many efficient policies elsewhere and a pro-second chance Governor, the landscape is ideal for this needed change.