(About Me)

My name is Christopher Rogers, I'm 30 years old and have already served 11 years on a 23 to life sentence. When I was 19. I killed an innocent young man named Nathan Sowards. After failing to rid myself of the painful emotion I carried for years as a kid, and after attempting to self- medicate through drugs and alcohol, I bought a gun, planning to end my own life. Before I worked up the courage to carry out my plan, all my pain was projected onto another 19 year old. The emotional pressure I had was so intense that my mind used a small offense at a party as an excuse to take a life.

With zero violent acts in my 11 years incarcerated, and being a GED tutor for years, along with other facts like having a zero risk score, zero positive drug tests, completing the most intensive programs available, and being a 1st-time offender, my case and record will make a great flagship example for this issue.

However, this movement may need someone in the future, whose not directly connected to the issue to volunteer to be its face. This will prevent any opposition we may encounter from being able to focus on me and my direct connection to the issue, as a distraction tactic.

To volunteer to be the face of this cause or join the outreach effort go to

 email address : lionhearted8383@yahoo.com